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Welcome to "End Times Signs!"

  • In recent times, the word "unprecedented" seems to be used more and more often to describe world events.​  We hear of pandemics...  artificial intelligence... "wars and rumors of war"...  tensions between the USA, Russia, China, North Korea, Iran...  conflicts in the Middle East...  the rise of antisemitism.  We experience extreme weather...  natural disasters... famines...  earthquakes...  and fires.   These are some of the signs that were predicted by Jesus to occur during the "End Times".


  • We hope that both believers and non-believers alike will find helpful information regarding the topics and terminology surrounding prophecy and  "End Time Signs".


  • Many End Times Signs were foretold by the prophets of the Old Testament, and by Jesus in His teachings and parables.   We will consider how these prophecies align with current news, global events, and the cultural and moral shifts happening around us.


  • We also offer a platform to understand the contemporary interpretations of the timing of the "Rapture" and the Second Coming of Christ.

  • Since God "knows the End from the Beginning"--

our goal for this study is that it will increase our faith; give us hope; and make us secure in the knowledge that things are "falling into place" according to God's eternal plan.

  • We invite you to seek the truths revealed in the Scriptures...  and to draw ever closer to the One who determines history...  and who has revealed His eternal promises ahead of time to those who await His Coming...


"Maranatha"... Come Lord Jesus!!


Marjorie E. Taylor, Managing Editor

End Times Signs!

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