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Welcome to "End Times Signs!"

  • It seems that "unprecedented" is  being used on a regular basis to describe events in the news... Examples include: worldwide pandemics... the rise of Artificial Intelligence...  "wars and rumors of war"...  tensions between the USA; Russia; China; Iran; and North Korea... major conflicts in the Middle East... shocking displays of antisemitism... ... extreme weather...  fires... natural disasters... famines...  and earthqukes. 

  • These are some of the End Times Signs that were foretold by Jesus in His teachings and parables, and by the prophets of the Old Testament.   We will consider how these biblical prophecies align with current news, global events, and the cultural and moral shifts happening around us.


  • Jesus gave many warnings that we should be "watching and ready" for His return in the Last Days.  He  compared the End Times to the "days of Noah."  The world's inhabitants were going about their daily lives up until the day that the flood came.  Only those who entered the  safety of the ark were saved.

  • Today we are offered the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ.  We have been given the wonderful promise that He will provide us with an "escape" from the coming final  judgment that is spoken of in the Bible.

  • We invite you to seek the truths revealed in the Scriptures...  and to draw ever closer to the One who determines history... who has revealed His eternal promises ahead of time to those who await His coming...


"Maranatha"... Come Lord Jesus!!


Marjorie E. Taylor, Managing Editor

End Times Signs!

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