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Here is a list of Bible Prophecy Teachers that give regular Prophecy Updates on their website, YouTube,  and other media.  These individuals will provide valuable teachings, analysis, and interpretations of biblical prophecy -- offering insights into their understanding of End-Time events:

Billy Crone:

Get A Life Media

  • Focuses on end-time events and prophecy, providing teachings and documentaries on these topics.

Jimmy Evans:

Tipping Point

  • Hosts the YouTube channel "Tipping Point" discussing current events in relation to biblical prophecy.

J.D. Farag:

  • Known for his online teachings and prophecy updates at Calvary Chapel of Kaneohe, often discussing end-time events.

Britt Gillette:

End Times Bible Prophecy

  • This channel is dedicated to examining current events as they relate to End Times Bible prophecy.

John Haller:

Fellowship Bible Chapel

  • Provides regular updates on global events, aligning them with various interpretations of biblical prophecy. 

Jack Hibbs:

Jack Hibbs Ministries

  • Pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and is the Founder & President of Real Life ministry, and a nationally syndicated TV & Radio host.

Mark Hitchcock:

Marking the End Times

  • Author and speaker who addresses biblical prophecy through books, conferences, and online teachings.

Tom Hughes:

Hope for Our Times

  • Hosts "Hope for Our Times," focusing on biblical prophecy and its relevance to today's world.

David Jeremiah:

Turning Point

  • Known for his radio program "Turning Point" where he addresses various biblical topics including prophecy.

Nathan Jones:

Lamb & Lion Ministries

  • Associated with Lamb & Lion Ministries, providing insights into biblical prophecy through various media platforms.

Hal Lindsey:

Hal Lindsey Report

  • Known for his book "The Late, Great Planet Earth" and his TV program "The Hal Lindsey Report."

Jan Markell:

Olive Tree Ministries

  • Hosts "Understanding the Times," a radio show that delves into various aspects of prophecy and current events.

Chuck Missler:

Koinonia House

  • Late founder of Koinonia House, who offered a wide array of biblical teachings, including prophecy.​

David Reagan:

Lamb & Lion Ministries

  • Founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries, addressing end-time events and their connection to biblical prophecy.

Joel Rosenberg:

Joel C. Rosenberg

  • Author and speaker, known for his insights on the Middle East and its connection to biblical prophecy.

Barry Stagner:

The Truth About God

  • Pastor of Calvary Central OC who regularly provides updates on world events from a biblical perspective.

Gary Stearman:

Prophecy Watchers

  • Co-host of the show "Prophecy Watchers" which discusses various aspects of Bible prophecy.

Perry Stone:

Perry Stone Ministries

  • Known for his teachings on prophecy, he has a TV program called "Manna-Fest."​​

Amir Tsarfati:

Behold Israel

  • His ministry "Behold Israel" provides prophecy updates and teachings related to Israel and the Middle East.

Andy Woods:

Sugar Land Bible Church

  • Theologian and pastor who discusses biblical prophecy and its relevance in today's world.

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